Morning Bits
Not too much news this morning, and nothing too "Full Post" worthy either, so it's all being thrown together again.

UbiSoft have announced a FPS for the Revolution. Other news sites seem to think this is big news, but I'm a little more sceptical. As the first third party Revo game announced, it'd better be something more interesting than a generic FPS..

The Tony Sk8 site is up and running, and is currently listing a few interesting scores on it's frontpage already.

And, of course, that Pantsboard Where Rare secretly try not to reveal what their next game might not possibly be, maybe.

And that's about all that happened on a rather dull Sunday. In fact, all in all it's been a rather uninteresting week, really. Hopefully there should be plenty more news this week, what with the Wifi stuff being released, but I have a strange feeling I'll be posting nothing but Mario Kart for the next couple of weeks!