Revolution/DS Rumors from Best Buy
Firstly, this information is considered a major rumor and many believe it is from SeriousGamer007 and we know about HIM.

Somebody at Best Buy overheard a Nintendo Rep and a BB higher up talking about Rev pricing, shelf space, and a new Nintendo DS. Supposedly, the Revolution will be $249.99, boy that is a stretch because I have said that many times, and there will be new and different Kiosks featuring the Revolution. Also overheard is word of a new Nintendo DS.

Now do not get me wrong this information if true would be amazing but it is quite early to be talking about Revolution price and shelf space. Is it not? Moreover, what is the point of a new Nintendo DS? They system just barely came out about a year ago and there is a new modified one? It makes no sense.

Take this information for what it is and if it is from Serious Dumbass007 fill up your saltshakers and throw them at his general direction.